Employment Process

The employment processes starts with the preparation of your C.V. over the Üner’s web site and your CV is received by the related HR managers. After the qualifications required for the relevant position are checked, the suitable candidates are interviewed first by the human resources department and thereafter by the manager of the relevant department.

Working and Internship Opportunities:

Üner Dış Ticaret provides 2 types of working method as short and long term.

A- Our short term program is valid for the summer period, and potential interns are determined among appropriate candidates in result of verbal and/or written interviews.

B- Long term works are applied in accordance with the request received from the departments, and are determined after interviews performed by the Human Resources and related managers.

Please submit us your C.V. for your employment and internship applications from here.

A sincere working environment in Üner.

Since time- and brain power-based creativity is an indispensable factor of our factor, a peaceful and sincere atmosphere is priceless.

Üner Dış Ticaret knows; that peace and trust is a primary raw material.

Our employees know; they are valuable and considered as important. And their skills are recognized by their managers.