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    Üner Foreign Trade

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    Üner Foreign Trade Information System

    The World is too small to us.     www.unerdisticaret.com

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    Üner Foreign Trade

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Üner Foreign Trade Professional Staff

Üner Foreign Trade Co.Ltd.; Beside the financial values possessed as per national standards, laws and legislation, Üner Uluslararası Ticaret ensures also its social, cultural, ethical and human values along its employees, suppliers, affiliates, entire business partners and further stakeholders purposing the customer satisfaction and management of complaints, and improvement of the service quality with the perfection approach in respect of effective and productive process management.

Exchange Rates
USD    :   5.4725

EURO  :   6.2109

EURO  :   7.2731
Council of Ministers Decision
Foreign Trade Technical Regulations and Standardisation Regime Decision "should be put into effect 26/8/2005 tarihli ve 2005/52 ...
Import Regime Decision is to benefit the country's economy and regulation of imports in accordance with the requirements of international trade ...